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Belmont Park School
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Belmont Park School

  • Our Curriculum

    Our Curriculum

    We believe that our curriculum must not cap the ambitions of our students and should be

    based on the principles of challenge and enjoyment; breadth, depth and progression;

    personalisation and choice; coherence and relevance.

    Many of our students have failed to engage with the standard curriculum offered in

    mainstream schools. We are currently adapting our curriculum to make sure it meets the

    needs of our students and engages them in both their personal and academic learning. We

    believe our curriculum should lead to a range of qualifications which will enable them to

    follow college or apprenticeship pathways as appropriate. They should then progress on to

    the world of work and become independent adults contributing positively to the wider


    Key Stage 3

    In KS3 students study Maths, English, Science, Art, P.E, ICT and PHSE. From September

    2016 they will also study Humanities incorporating Geography, History and R.E.


    Key Stage 4

    In KS4 students study a core of GCSE Maths, English, Science and PHSE and three options out of the following:

    1. Eduqas Design, Engineer and Construct Tech Award (Level 1) 

    2. WJEC Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE (Level 1-9)

    3.  VCERT Health and Fitness Technical Award (Level 1/2)

    4. BTEC Performing Arts (Level 1/2)

    5.  GCSE Art (Level 1-9)

    6.  BTEC Music Practice (Level 1/2)

    Students in KS 3 are also entered for Entry level or functional skills as appropriate.